ask Her a question, look for the most loving answer and it will come true.

who is She?

even before you can ask this question, She is running far away.

and whatever pain i carry, i carry it for Her.

and whatever i do, i do it for Her.


When the wanderer crossed the river, he was greeted by a parrot, and the parrot granted him to know a secret.

“How do I get everything that I need?”, the wanderer asked.

The parrot replied to the wanderer:

“You can either have something or need something, but not both.
The moment…

with the sponge of Love the dirt is wiped away from the Wonderful Truth.

An Old Known Truth that shines in Never Seen Beauty.

don’t worry about the dirt, it is there to be wiped away.

why should you hold on to it?

whatever the brush draws out of Love,

Allah takes and Allah gives
Nothing resembles Him
His Love, don’t you believe in it?
is Everything you wish

listen to the nightingale
how she bewails and sings

the air that freezes you the air that gives refresh
what happens next? Nothing!
what happens next? Nothing!

Allah is Who gives…

Life is like a stone that divides the river.
Now it seems as if there are several streams of water.
When they look at each other, they do not realize that they only look at themselves.
They experience separation to fulfill their task.
They flow along different paths, which is not in their hands.
They have different shapes, but they all come from the same source.
Ultimately, they remain in this form only for a short time.
Their journey will soon come to an end again.
The outer form will be destroyed and they flow back, unite in the source.

If life breaks your heart into thousand pieces, share them. It was never meant to be for you only.

We go through this journey together, and everything we have is borrowed, even our bodies.

Why would He take away so much from you, why would He let you suffer? Because He decided to make you a warrior, a guardian, a warner. That is a true gift.

They can rip apart our skin but they will never touch our souls. Our souls are from Elsewhere and they belong and return there.

For all the pain you went through, fall on your knees and thank Him. He was your teacher, that should be an honour for you.

How to be happy?

The plant will teach you.

She is silent while she is alive.
She perceives fulfillment by growing everyday.
She is beautiful by nature.
She has everything that she needs inside of herself.
She is strong, recovering even after days without sun.
She lives by giving life to others.

Jean Pereira

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